I am a Ph.D. Candidate at Harvard Business School, where I study organizational theory, strategy, and innovation. I examine how incumbent organizations, faced with cultural and technological jolts, ensure long-run viability through a series of transformative product class transitions. I focus on the role of cognitive frames and framing processes and mechanisms that either enable or prevent organizations from re-conceptualizing their organizational identities, organizational capabilities and core competencies, and the competitive landscapes necessary for such transformations.

My most recent research examines the processes and mechanisms of (1) the enduring effects of nationalistic ideology on strategy formation, (2) the co-evolution of top management cognitive frames, corporate strategies, and technology lifecycles, and (3) the group dynamics of framing and reframing innovation ideas within senior management teams through a four-year longitudinal comparative case study of innovation projects in a design consulting firm. 

I use both qualitative and quantitative methods, seeking to build and elaborate novel theories based on concrete social and organizational phenomena using qualitative data such as field observation, interview, and archival methodologies, and to validate those theories using quantitative data such as survey, content analysis, and computational textual analysis methodologies. 

My research has been recognized as the winner of Best Student Paper Award and the runner-up for Best International Paper Award from the Organization and Management Theory (OMT) Division of the Academy of Management (2020). I was also named the finalist for Best Conference Paper Prize and Best Conference PhD Paper Prize by Strategic Management Society (2020). I am also the recipient of Funai Overseas Scholarship from the Funai Foundation for Information Technology—its first recipient in the field of management and organizational studies.

I earned a B.A. in Social Studies from Wesleyan University, where I studied economics, government, modern history, and philosophy. Before joining HBS, I worked as a research assistant at Hitotsubashi University’s Graduate School of International Corporate Strategy in Tokyo. 

I also teach, practice, and compete in Judo and hold a Sandan (third-degree black belt).

I am from Hokkaido, Japan.


Yusaku Takeda
Ph.D. Candidate in Business Administration
Office: Morgan 328, Harvard Business School
Tel: (617) 852-6616
E-mail: ytakeda@hbs.edu
Visit: Yusaku’s HBS Website

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